The 8 Golden Rules on Road Safety

The proverb ‘rules are meant to be broken’ must be eliminated from our thoughts as rules are made for a reason. The choice of abiding or not abiding the rules is a life or death choice which many fail to realise.

1) Plan your journey. For journeys beyond 2 hours a second driver is recommended. If you are tired, sleepy, drunk or in an emotional state postpone your journey.

2) Always adhere to prescribed speed limits.

3) Give signals & observe all safety rules when changing lanes, by checking side mirrors & rearview mirrors

4) Always comply with traffic rules at intersections

5) Avoid tailgating at all times as it is the main cause of many serious accidents

6) Observe safety guidelines when overtaking. Never overtake when in doubt.

7) Do not jump traffic queues (by creating extra lanes, squashing yourself by the edge of the road or driving against oncoming traffic). It is not only rude but also very dangerous.

8) Avoid weaving through traffic as it can jeopardise your safety and that of others.

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